The Commissioners Office is located at 3855 Dartmouth College Highway in North Haverhill, the County seat.

This office is the primary office for the Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners collectively administer the business of the County and exercise budgetary control over County operations, preparing the annual budget for approval by the Legislative Delegation, authorizing department expenditures and the payment of bills and managing County buildings and land. Commissioners hire the County’s professional administrators including (in Grafton County) a County Administrator, Nursing Home Administrator, Superintendent of Corrections, Human Resources Director, Farm Manager, Human Service Administrator, Information Technology Manager and Maintenance Superintendent.

The Commissioners’ Office currently employs five employees: the County Administrator, the Administrative Assistant, the Payroll Coordinator, the Financial Coordinator and the Bookkeeper. These employees perform a number of duties, which include: coordinating meetings among officials and public, recording minutes of all public meeting, all accounting functions for the County including preparing budgetary reports for Department Heads and Auditors, accounts payable & receivable and all payroll functions. As well as maintaining the County website.

The County Administrator is appointed by and under the direction of the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator is the administrative head of the County and is responsible for efficient administration thereof, except for the Department of Corrections per RSA 30-B:4 I and those departments with elected officials. Acting as an agent for the Commissioners she is responsible for the coordination of the operations of various departments. The County Administrator provides technical support and guidance to the Commissioners and other department heads, including elected department officials in the areas of policy development, program evaluation, public communications, budgetary process, personnel management and data processing. The County Administrator is responsible for implementing decisions of the County Commissioners and for assuring compliance with all laws, statutes, rules, regulations, and policies governing county activities, administration, and monies. The County Administrator administers the Commissioners’ Office and supervises Commissioners’ Office staff and operation. She also serves as the Finance Director for the County.


Julie Libby
County Administrator


3855 Dartmouth College Hwy.
North Haverhill, NH 03774






Mon -Fri – 8am – 4pm

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