What is Juvenile Restorative Justice?

The Grafton County/Coos County Juvenile Restorative Justice focuses on youth that have committed minor offenses. The program works with the youth to make amends for the harm they caused the victim, community, family and themselves by diverting first time offenders from the traditional justice system. The program holds youth accountable while addressing at-risk behaviors to deter from future legal involvement.

3-6 month program

What is offered?

Services offered within this program are;

  • Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Individual Counseling or referral to mental health provider
  • Psychoeducational/therapeutic group
  • Substance Misuse Education
  • Restitution Support
  • Education
  • Community Connections
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Community Service

More services may be offered as the need arises.

Referral Process:

Referral to this program comes from Grafton County Police Departments, School staff, or Juvenile Probation Officers who will submit a referral form along with the discovery and any other information they deem pertinent. Once the referral is received, the juvenile and family will participate in an intake to formally enter into the program.

Juvenile Restorative Justice Referral Form

Program Requirements:

Each participant will be required to complete the following in order to be reviewed for completion

  1. Attend Opening and Closing Panel
  2. Complete all aspects of Reparative Agreement
  3. Paid program fees in full
  4. Paid restitution in full, if applicable
  5. Provide negative substance abuse testing, if applicable
  6. Complete all required treatment recommendations